Metrovacesa will use blockchain technology to offer reliable information to its customers


The well-known real estate firm Metrovacesa has launched a new system based on blockchain, which provides customers and interested parties with information about their developments with all the guarantees of security and transparency.

Called “De Confianza”, this project has been developed in collaboration with the Alastria Blockchain Ecosystem consortium, and already has among its partners the main Spanish construction firms.

Alastria Blockchain Ecosystem, is a consortium of which the company is a member, and Data Economy Spain. A collaborative platform dedicated to the development of projects related to data economy and industry 4.0 in different sectors.

As they explained in their official announcement, for its creation they have followed the precepts and rules based on the European blockchain initiatives. They highlight that it is compatible with the EBSI (European Blockchain Services Infrastructure) standard.

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The aim of using this technology is to promote trust and transparency among its partners and customers, betting on innovation.

This initiative is based on a responsible statement made by Metrovacesa and drawn up in Alastria which, through blockchain technology, verifies the information and details relating to each project by third parties, in an objective and transparent manner.

How does it work?

“De Confianza” makes it easy for clients and potential clients of the developer to have the information and details relating to their developments immediately and easily, with the verification of third parties. By scanning a QR code with your mobile phone, the system allows you to access all the information on the Metrovacesa promotion in which you are interested.

In this way, customers have at their disposal at the points of sale a true and contrasted source of information about their homes and can check data such as the construction company carrying out the work, the licences granted by the public administrations, as well as other participants in the project such as the architect, the marketing company and the financial entity, among others.

As explained by its creators, the validation of the data will be carried out using Alastria’s Digital Identity, and they highlight that they already have the approval of the country’s most important construction companies, such as Avintia, FCC Construcción, Ferrovial and Sacyr, which are also partners of Alastria.