Dividend for data: Streamr wants to democratize data trading

Streamr is a decentralized open source platform for real-time data. In a new update, Streamr enables users to make money using various digital services.

Streamr was founded in 2017 with the aim of creating a platform for trading and distributing data. In addition, people should be given back control over the data they produce.

Instead of a centralized party, the Streamr network is operated by the community and uses blockchain technology. Streamr describes itself as one of the leading marketplaces for the decentralized trading of data in real time.

Data Union Update, earn money with data

Streamrs new data unionsoffer app developers additional ways to reward users for providing data. With the help of the network’s own crypto currency Crypto Bank reviews, data buyers pay the data producers. The DATA cryptocurrency can then be converted into fiat money.

The data union framework should offer new possibilities for the monetization of user data. For example, users can receive rewards for browsing the web, using smart devices or even streaming. App developers can also apply for seed funding from Streamr to fund Data Union projects.

Democratization of the data trade

Swash, a data union, already rewards users for browsing the web. The Streamr platform aims to reward users for the personal data they provide to Amazon or Facebook. Data Union members can, for example, convert their Google search history, what they last bought from Amazon or what type of coffee their intelligent coffee machine has brewed into cash.

All of this data is extremely valuable to marketers, new entrants, hedge funds, researchers, and many others. Supporters Streamers believe that society is better when the value of our data and control over it is decentralized.

Henri Pihkala, Streamer’s inventor and CEO comments:

We’re excited about the potential of data unions and can’t wait to hear from developers who have ambitions to create their own. Such a democratization of the value of our data helps to decentralize the monopoly of a few large corporations. and put control back in the hands of the individual user. ”

To celebrate the start of the data unions, Streamr is organizing the hackathon “Data Challenge” in partnership with Lumos Labs. This starts at the end of the month across India and lasts for 16 weeks. Hundreds of developers compete against each other to develop innovative applications for all aspects of data union technology.

The DATA course is still unimpressed, but it is still exciting how the hackathon will affect the Streamr network in the following months.